Monday, 25 February 2013

Consistency is the key

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blast and really satisfying. I have had a really consistent couple of weeks and the last week involved 2 P.B's on a couple of my "bread & butter" training loops. These P.B's have been coming really easily and I have felt like I have been in cruise mode whilst on these runs. They have also both been in weather about 10-15 degrees warmer than when I ran my times last year before the Glasshouse 100km. I couldn't be happier with how things are at the moment.

The first one came last Tuesday when I was out doing the normal 31km from Kalamunda out to Mundaring Weir return. At the Camel Farm I was only 12secs ahead of my previous P.B but by the time I got back to the car I had a time that was nearly 5min quicker and the fastest I'd run that. It was a really nice morning out on the trails. See my move HERE on

In and around the couple of best times I have had the last few weeks I have had easily the most consistent patch of training since well before the Glasshouse 100km. When I was getting back into the swing of things a couple of months ago I kept reminding myself to ease into things and not over-do it, this was because of how October/November went in 2012 as I did not want a repeat of this. Part of me feels slightly underdone and a little bit gutted that the Tarawera 100km isn't slightly later on in the year so I could have a couple of races in the build up to it. But then on the other hand I feel that after how the Busselton Half Marathon went and how some of my long training runs have gone I feel like I could really put in a good performance at Tarawera. At the end of the day, regardless of how amazing and quality the field is, it is just another race I keep telling myself. The competition at Tarawera is going to be incredible but I am more excited about just pulling on the Hoka's and doing my thing for 100km. The feeling and happiness I get from doing long hilly runs is kind of hard to explain. For people out running and seeing this tattooed skinny kiwi bloke out charging along trails with a slightly over sized smile, it must look pretty funny.

Then there was the second P.B when I was out at the John Forrest National Park, Eagle View loop. Once again I took this run at what felt like a really 'nice' pace and even power hiked one of my favourite hills in thinking that I am needing to just look after myself for the next few weeks. I ended up having about a 1min30sec better time than my previous best. Really really stoked with that considering the effort it took to do this.

There were plenty of other runs the last few weeks and I'll let some of the photo's explain those.

Some other exciting things that happened this last week was getting my new Hoka's from Hoka Australia. My new Evo's are as comfy as ever and I'm really looking forward to trying the new Bondi 2's and seeing how they go.

Not long now until we fly out to NZ for the big race. I cannot wait to leave and it's pretty safe to say I am pretty pumped about the whole experience!!

Dan, Thomas and me after a great 30km around Serpentine N.P

My new Hoka One One Evo's, super grippy on the rocky stuff :)

Serpentine Falls, an awesome place to finish a run.

Dan, Adam and Mark on the Kalamunda Circuit

Me with my new UD vest, also pretty happy I found some new trails up at Lesmurdie :)

Adam and his not so lucky ankle...

Hoka's are slowly taking over WA

Dan getting his TNF100 power hike on!

Irish Thomas having some "fun" on a nice climb

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