Friday, 28 November 2014

Simple Hydration Bottle

Fill it up with water, 

Tuck it into your shorts,

Go for a run!

There's not really too much to say about the Simple Hydration Water Bottle hence the name. I caught wind of these bottles  at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail where a couple of my American mates were using them. I forgot about them until returning to UTMB and heard great things about them once again. Once I got back to Perth I spoke with the Australian distributor and ordered one for myself.

The reason I personally love this piece of kit is that it enables me to take that extra bit of water on runs and keep my hands free. It's also a great alternative to a handheld for shorter runs or mammoth stair repeat sessions where I can refill water. 

Once tucked into my shorts I barely notice it's there and especially so when I am wearing my Compressport Trail Shorts. Liz asked me at the top of Jacobs Ladder the other day how the bottle was going and I'd forgotten it was on. 

Simple product, great functionality and a new mandatory piece of gear for my training and racing. 

For those in Australia contact Roy at to purchase one and he offers super quick delivery too!! 

Any questions please ask 😀

Monday, 10 November 2014

What the Huaka you lookin at?

So you're trying to tell me that these shoes weigh less than 240g each and I'm going to get the same awesome Hoka feel that I've become accustomed to?

These are my actual shoes, they like to go fast!
After watching Hoka team mate Sage Canaday tear up the Tarawera Ultra  earlier this year in a pair of ridiculously bright Hokas I was instantly intrigued as to what he had on his feet. Being blessed with size 8 feet on a good day means I'm not able to get any of the demo shoes on my feet until they are released to the public which is why Sage had them on at Tarawera. Despite Cyclone Lusi bringing a heap of rain, Sage's time of 5:33 for 73km of hilly, muddy and slippery trails suggests that these Huakas were a pretty darn special shoe.

After returning from Italy and the Lavaredo Ultra Trail I instantly got in contact with Hoka Australia and requested some Huakas as they had just been released here when I was away. I was like a kid at Christmas, I couldn't wait to get these bad boys on my feet and take them for a spin.

The upper of the Huakas is a feature that I noticed instantly. Fitting like a glove and really feeling like it conforms to the shape of your foot was great. They feel more breathable than other models which living in Perth I am thankful for!

The sole of the Huakas is what people all over the globe are loving right now. Hokas new R-MAT material is basically a foam and rubber blend that enables runners to feel both the amazingly soft cushion that Hoka wearers have been experiencing and also has the added benefit of crazy amounts of spring and boing!

The grip on the Huakas is another fantastic element to this shoe. They are actually filed under the "Road" category on the various Hoka One One websites but they are equally at home on the trails. I've found myself looking down as I'm working my way up some steep hills quite amazed at how much traction I am getting for a "road shoe".

A last minute sign up for a local road half marathon a few weeks ago enabled me to find out first hand how fast these shoes really felt. They offered a responsive and smooth ride. Each time my foot was landing it didn't feel too soft or too firm which is essential for any running shoe in such a short race. Overall I was very happy with how enjoyable they made my first and only road race of the year.

I see myself running in the Huakas more and more. I think that for smaller runners and runners who have good form they will be a great everyday shoe and also suitable for anything up to 100km on race day. For larger runners I would suggest bringing these speedsters out on race day or for specific weekly sessions.

Hopefully that shows some insight into the new Hoka One One Huaka running shoes and if you have any questions regarding these shoes or any others please feel free to contact me via my social media.

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