Wednesday, 26 June 2013


“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory” – Vince Lombardi (Football Coach)

I think the more I run and the more I understand my body, the better I am at accepting that sometimes things just happen for a reason. Sometimes those reasons might seem so blurred in what is normally such a clear pathway for me. It’s as simple as putting on some shoes, finding a trail and immersing yourself in the beauty that surrounds it, simple right?

If only trail and ultra running could be that simple and have that lack of complexity that we all wish it could. I mean that’s what draws a lot of people to running in the first place; it is just you and the trail. No thousand-dollar bike, no kayak carriers, and no fumes coming out the back end…well only sometimes!

I have found the last few weeks that I have learnt so much about myself through not being able to get out on the trails and having way too much time to think about what I’d rather be doing. It’s not like it’s the first time I have ever had a lay off period from running so nothing too ground breaking to share. Although this time around I have found that although still not perfect, I feel like I am able to deal with injury much better and with more understanding. Things weren’t like this last year when I would beat myself up over and over again because of not being able to run and I would find myself in a really unhappy place.

I’m not sure if a switch flicked or whether it’s been the constant support from Liz through these tougher times for me. Probably the combination of a few things. I’m definitely not claiming to be the most passionate, dedicated and die hard runner going around but these layoffs seem to really throw things off track for me as many others must find as well.

I have found a few different ways to take my mind off things including getting my camera out after a bit of a quiet patch with taking photos and also doing some swimming and bike riding. I have been reminding myself that there is much more to life than just running.
I think in times like these when you have a bit more time to think it is important to not lose sight of the things that make you happy. Sure running is a massive component in my life and I hope to do this for years to come but there have to be other things stimulating you outside of running. Before now I found it hard not to dwell on the fact I couldn’t run and would always rush back into things too soon.

For now I am quite content on seeing how things pan out, accepting things for what they are and making the best out of every situation that comes my way. If that means finding other interesting ways to get the heart rate up then I'm cool with that.

I’m really keen on getting in the pool as much as possible as it’s something that as an adult I have really come to enjoy, despite getting overtaken by 60 year old ladies J I know they must be thinking “oh that poor young chap” but secretly stoked to be overtaking a bloke in his mid 20’s.

So the next few weeks are to involve plenty of rest, reading and other forms of getting some cardio in. Throw in some stretching and strengthening and I’ll be back on the trails soon.

Until then…

Taking some time to slow down and enjoy some reading again :)

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