Monday, 9 December 2013

Trying something new

By attempting something really difficult and outside of your comfort zone,
you will discover how strong you really are - Anonymous

There has been quite a lot happening the last few weeks in my running life and I'm really psyched and excited to see where things are heading.

I have gone back and forwards over the last 9 or 10 months trying to decide whether I wanted to link up with some kind of running coach. There were different ideas in my mind about what that would involve, but I thought I could benefit from the use of someone who has far more knowledge than me about all things running. I liked some components of having a coach but disliked the idea of being told what to do and when to do it. Part of me thought that I had already had a few good performances based off what I was doing and did I really need a coach? After speaking with a few good running mates I was put onto the best in the business as far as endurance coaches go in Andy Dubois from Mile27 Personal Training.

Andy has a wealth of personal experience in ultra/endurance events including insane performances at the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB), Ironman and has represented Australia in the World Mountain Running Champs to name a few. Coupling his own physical ability with the knowledge gained through years of study, it's pretty safe to say this guy knows his stuff!

Any nerves or doubt I had about running coaches were wiped within the first few minutes when talking to Andy on the phone. I was instilled with confidence that I had chosen the right guy. After seeing me run via video, Andy was kind enough to say it was pretty much natural ability behind my results to date as my core strength and flexibility were less than desirable. Funny to hear but also really exciting to think what I might be capable of once my hips loosen up and my glutes get stronger :)

I'm only into the first week of the training/strength and conditioning program but I feel like I am already reaping the benefits of the strength and stretching routine I am doing twice daily. It's going to be cool to see how things pick up from here!

It's been awesome being back running the last week feeling that my knee injury from GOW is completely behind me and my niggly hamstring seems to have settled down too. I managed to sneak a win at the Perth Trail Series 12km Moon Shadow night race a couple of weeks ago which was awesome. Such a cool race on some really awesome trails!

I have the 6 Inch Trail Marathon coming up this Sunday which is going to be awesome!! I have missed out on running 6 Inch the last couple of years because of injury so despite my lack of preparation I am really pumped about the race. The competition this year is going to be stronger than ever and it's going to be faaaaaaaast from start to finish. I have no expectations for this race as it is more part of my build-up for the Hong Kong 100 in mid January. Despite this I know full well that as soon as the start gun goes it will be game time!

Some of the big guns racing are last years champ James Roberts, race record holder Gerry Hill, Tom Bakowski, Etienne Rodriguez, Kev Matthews, Brendan Davies from the east coast, Craig Berg, Brett Coombs, Jon Pendse and many many more. It's going to be super tough to get anywhere near the podium and it's so great there is such a competitive field for a trail race in WA.

Sunday just can't come quick enough ;)

Happy times making our way to the start line for the Moon Shadow 12km night trail race

Liz, Kate and I at Moon Shadow

Me and Liz doing our favourite local run from home

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