Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Looking back... 2013

2013 has been epic!!

When I think about how 2013 has unfolded from a racing perspective, in all honesty it feels like something that was meant to be. 

Early on in the year my big 'A' race for the year being the Tarawera 100k Ultra came around super fast. I had a nice build up to Tarawera with a handy 76min Half Marathon tempo effort race in Busselton which was a timely confidence boost.

Tarawera didn't pan out at all how I'd hoped but I learnt so much from this race and the whole experience of what unravelled that day. 

Next up was the Mt Helena 40miler which in hindsight was a big mistake as I was purely after redemption only 2 weeks after Tarawera. The race or more precisely my health fell apart early on and I was left with quite literally an uphill battle to the finish. Best part of the day was definitely the beers after!

Three weeks on and after some solid hours in the hills was the Truth or Consequences 50km. This was an absolute cracker of a race and amongst some stiff competition I managed the win in 3:50.

A week later we were on our journey to the USA and the day after we landed Liz and I were lining up in the Santa Monica Coast to Coast Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. This was a truly cool experience for us both as our first race on US soil.

After some time in Vegas, San Fran and San Diego we were off to my 2nd most favourite place (after NZ of course) in the world being Alaska. I feel so lucky that Liz and I were able to take part in one of the coolest/gnarliest races we have ever done. It was the Turnagain Arm 8mile Trail Race. In a fast battle up front I was schooled on how to run downhill in the final mile by good friend Matias who took the win - I managed to hold onto 2nd place. 

Despite 2 races in the US there was very little running done outside of this mainly due to doing the tourist thing and finding it difficult finding where to run.

A week after getting back to Perth I had the Hoka One One Kep 100k Ultra. Although this was a race that I had wanted to do for a couple of years I was pretty close to pulling the pin due to a lack of preparation. I decided to run and I'm glad I did. I ran 8:17 for the win and was really surprised with how things went considering my build up.

A misdiagnosis of an injury plagued the next 10 weeks of the running calendar which also meant missing out on running in Tasmania when we were there on holiday and not being able to compete in the You Yangs 50 Miler which wasn't great. 

After a slow build up and some great treatment and advice from my Physio and a new Doctor I was back running pain free again. I decided to run the Perth City to Surf Marathon as an entry had been passed on through a friend of a friend. I decided that if I turned up in a singlet and shorts I would likely push too hard too soon after very little training. I was soon at the costume shop picking out my outfit to force me to treat it as a training run. Running through the closed streets of Perth as Mr Incredible was one of the highlights of my running year. I had so much fun giving the kids lining the streets high fives and seeing the looks on people's faces as I ran by.

The next race on the cards was the Great Ocean Walk 100km. The race started well but fizzled out after a mere 30km after some soft sandy sections appeared to aggravate the old injury. I battled through and was stoked to get my buckle for finishing.

After a couple of weeks taking things really easy I was once again back into pain free running. The next race was the Moon Shadow 12km night race. I had an absolute blast, despite missing a turn, and managed first place which was a nice way to help forget the less than ideal run I had at GOW.

The last race for the year was the 6 Inch Trail Marathon a few weeks ago. It was a real up and down build up to this race. I ended up having a great hit out amongst arguably the most competitive field for a trail race in WA this year. I felt strong for the majority of the race and was stoked with my time of 3:20. I was super pumped about pulling up injury free and feeling good post race.

Amongst a year that feels like it failed to fire there are some races and results mixed in that I'm really happy with. Despite my 'A' races not ending the way I'd have liked I had some truly amazing experiences out on the trails in 2013.

To say I'm pumped about 2014 and racing is a crazy understatement. The year is starting off with the Hong Kong 100k in January, the Tarawera 100k in New Zealand in March and the TNF100 Australia in the Blue Mountains in May. 

Thank you to all my running friends who joined me in training and racing throughout the year. I've made some great new friendships through running in 2013 which is a big part of what it's all about.

A massive thankyou to Hoka One One Australia, RaceReady, Ryders Eyewear and Darryn at Peak Podiatry, your continued support is helping me achieve my goals. Thanks also to Ali from Ascend Physio and Nathan from Massage Works HQ, it has been a busy year of recovery and rehab and I really appreciate your help getting me back on the trails!

As I've mentioned a few times in race reports and other posts, I couldn't have had the year I've had or the one that's coming without the never ending support and love from my amazing wife Liz. Until a few weeks ago I've always said I hadn't ever had a coach, but in so many ways Liz has been the person I have always turned to. A massive motivation kicking me out of the house on cold rainy days and 40deg scorchers, a phenomenal chef and her constant love and support of me chasing my trail ultra running dreams. I love that we are sharing this adventure together and I can't wait to see her when I'm coming into the next aid station.

2014 LET'S DO THIS!!!

Pretty much sums up the two loves in my life, Liz and trail running. Photo: Ron Mcglinn

A highlight at the City to Surf Marathon

Awesome to meet some crazy trail runners in Chiang Mai, Tarmo, Ryan and Brian

During a run in Chiang Mai

I really enjoyed running with Mick early on in the Kep 100 Ultra. Photo: Steve Fraser

Liz's first 'real' trail run at Serpentine Falls N.P

Taken on our local run around the river

Santa Monica Coast to Coast Marathon, USA

The race didn't go well but the scenery and trails were amazing! Photo: Marceau Photography

Turnagain Arm Trail Run..... EPIC!!

Truth or Consequences 50km

Absolutely knackered and finally at the finish at the GOW100

Finishing the 6 Inch Trail Marathon. Photo: Ron Mcglinn

Insane mountain running in Alaska with Matias


  1. Great photo's Scott.Mum and I are looking forward to following/joining both of you on your 2014 runs/trails and sharing some more great memories.
    AS NIKE SAYS .....................

    Good to see facebook has some good uses.

  2. Good stuff Scott; great to hear about what you have achieved in a busy 2013. Roll on 2014 eh!

    1. Cheers! Look forward to catching up at Tarawera :)

  3. 1st stop Tarawera with Ma & Pa as supercrew :)

  4. Next up was the Mt Helena 40miler which in hindsight was a big mistake as I was purely after redemption only 2 weeks after Tarawera. The race or more precisely my health fell apart early on and I was left with quite literally an uphill battle to the finish. Joni Wheelwright