Friday, 28 November 2014

Simple Hydration Bottle

Fill it up with water, 

Tuck it into your shorts,

Go for a run!

There's not really too much to say about the Simple Hydration Water Bottle hence the name. I caught wind of these bottles  at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail where a couple of my American mates were using them. I forgot about them until returning to UTMB and heard great things about them once again. Once I got back to Perth I spoke with the Australian distributor and ordered one for myself.

The reason I personally love this piece of kit is that it enables me to take that extra bit of water on runs and keep my hands free. It's also a great alternative to a handheld for shorter runs or mammoth stair repeat sessions where I can refill water. 

Once tucked into my shorts I barely notice it's there and especially so when I am wearing my Compressport Trail Shorts. Liz asked me at the top of Jacobs Ladder the other day how the bottle was going and I'd forgotten it was on. 

Simple product, great functionality and a new mandatory piece of gear for my training and racing. 

For those in Australia contact Roy at to purchase one and he offers super quick delivery too!! 

Any questions please ask 😀

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