Monday, 3 September 2012

Week Summary: 27 Aug - 2 Sept

"I decided to go for a little run."
- Forrest Gump

Mon - AM: 15km Around the Swan River (Speed Session)
My first speed session in a long time/ever today! Not too sure what brought it on, but I felt like running fast so I did. After 2km warm up I took to the next 3km in approx.. 3min50sec per/km. Those first 3km felt like a real struggle which left me thinking that today wasn't the best day to try to be running 'fast'. After a recovery km at 4min30sec I got stuck into the next 3km block. I managed to push out the 3km at approx.. 3min34sec, much better. And I felt like it was coming pretty easy so that was pleasing. Another 4min30 km after that and then I was into my 3rd and final 3km set. I picked things up a little on this final set clocking about 3min29sec per km. It was a really fun session and I quite enjoyed running relatively fast for a change. It was also great to see how the Hoka's went running fast, the Bondi B's were bloody outstanding. I have found an all round beauty in the Bondi B.

Tues - PM: 9km at Lesmurdie Falls
I decided today that I wanted to go for a night time run as I hadn't done so in a long long time. I just went for a pretty short one but it was really fun, especially with a less than ideal head torch showing me the way! I did the usual 1st loop, taking the down hills really easy under low light and not wanting to roll an ankle or anything silly like that.

Weds - AM: 23km along Munda Biddi Trail
Really easy run today as my right Popliteus was a little upset with me. Nothing too major just a bit tighter than usual. The run itself was really enjoyable, I hadn't been out to the Munda Biddi in a while so was cool to head back. Managed to scare the c*@p out of a few mountain bikers when I ran past them. I have a bit of a knack for spooking people on the trails. I feel like I need to start yelling out 500m before I get to them informing them I am coming past so I dont scare them. About 20mins after I got home I had one of the biggest scares for myself over the past 5 weeks of training. My left calf muscle felt like I had been shot. It really had me worried. Luckily I had a massage booked for tomorrow so Nathan could have a look and sort it out.

Thurs AM: Massage with Nathan @ Massage Works.
I gingerly walked into Massage Works today knowing all too well I was going to have a tough session. I already brought the session forward due to my Popliteus being tight, and now I had this calf muscle problem I had to deal with. It's pretty fair to say I was in a bit of pain for the 1hour with Nathan. If he had a swear jar I would have spent more on that than the massage itself! Really awesome having such a professional sports massage therapist who really knows what he's doing and knows running too!

Fri AM: Rest Day

Saturday AM: 16km run to work and back.
I needed to head into work this morning to print a few things out so thought I'd go for an easy stroll getting there. It was the first run since the calf problem so I was pretty anxious to see how it went. I knew if it flared up I was going to have a real problem on my hands. The run went awesome thankfully, I felt really good and It was nice running in my new pair of Hoka's I got for my next race.

Saturday PM: 30km along Bibbulmun & Munda Biddi
I decided to park at the Camel Farm this afternoon to skip the steep downhill and uphill sections just out of Kalamunda. With the legs recovering well since the massage I wanted to take things easy. I didn't leave the car until 4pm so it was a bit cooler. I had an absolute blast running this afternoon, cruising along just really enjoying the birds chirping and hearing the trees blow in the wind. Two of my favourites as to why I love trail running. As the evening got nearer it cooled down a fair bit pretty quickly and I was stoked I remembered to put my sleeves in my pack. It also got dark pretty quick. The last few km were pretty funny trying to stay on the trail and not branch off onto other tracks. I wasn't too keen on stopping to get my wonderfully rubbish head torch out so took it easy back to the car. Not a bad run, came in averaging 4min53sec per km average. Pretty stoked to get a good trail in after the 16km on bitumen this morning.

Sunday AM: 23km around the Swan River
Todays run didn't start all that smoothly. Liz decided to come along to keep me company on the bike and about 2km in she got a flat tyre so decided to walk home with the bike. I carried on and ran a pretty cruisey 23km around the river to the Narrows Bridge and back home again. I was running along at mostly 4min10sec per km and feeling pretty good. I eased off the pace with about 3km to go and treated that as a bit of a cool dawn. I ran with the hand held water bottle today to mix things up. That was pretty comfortable and looks like a hydration option for the next race.

Hours: 9hr 15min
Distance: 116.7km
Total Ascent: 1707m

The Amphipod 600ml handheld I use.

My brand spankin new pair of Hokas!!

In hindsight it was a pretty average week training wise. I really don't know why my calf decided to pipe up and say something to then settle down 2 days later. After the great speed session to start the week I was hoping to follow on with good training. Over 60km down from last weeks cracker it was a little disappointing, but I'm happy now the body has bounced back so quickly. Despite the hurdles, I managed to get a few decent runs in which is the main thing. My phone/camera died earlier this week so no photo's from training unfortunately. I've added a couple to show some of the gear I am currently using. Looking forward to a week of more consistent training next week.

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