Monday, 10 September 2012

Week Summary: 3 Sept - 9 Sept

Mon - AM: Kalamunda - Camel Farm Return
Today's run was the beginning of starting to ease off the training a wee bit leading up to the next race. I started off really casually and got into a good rhythm early until an early pit stop. From here the running was smooth and I was really forcing myself to go slow and not to do anything stupid. My plan was to run to the Camel farm and back. When I arrived at the camel farm I stopped the clock at 41:56. Nearly a whole 2mins quicker than my previous best time and I was taking it really easy and stopped to  go to the toilet. The run back was fun and I managed to hold myself back from hammering the final uphill section bar a couple of spots where I must have 'forgotten' to take it easy.

Tues - AM: Bold Park - Zamia Trail
An easy hour was on the cards today as part of my taper. It was really wet today and I was thankful I had left my rain jacket in the car from the weekend. Despite the lousy weather I had a really enjoyable run taking it super easy. At one point I came across a lady whom I thought was going to catch me based on the speed I was running. I said to myself, even if she does pass me let her go. It never eventuated but reminded me of my competitive nature even on the training grounds against a lady likely double my age. I ran another PB for the Zamia loop on my second lap which was really nice to do despite what seemed like a lack of intensity.

Weds - AM: Munda Biddi Trail - Pickering Brook
I have wanted to head out here for a long time now and finally did. I covered about 5km out here a few weeks back at the end of a big run before turning back for Kalamunda and was really impressed with the quality of trail in this section. I ran 15km total which was a really enjoyable run again. The track is pretty overgrown out here and in need of some track maintenance especially for the cyclists. It was easy enough for me to tip toe around parts but definitely a bit more difficult for the bikes.

Weds - PM: Massage with Nathan at Massage Works HQ

Thurs AM: Munda Biddi Trail - Pickering Brook
After having such a blast out here yesterday I decided to suggest it as an option to Adam and James to head there today. They were both keen for around 15km (ish) so it suited perfectly. After about 4km we missed a turn and gained a bonus km or two before realising and turned around. It's funny how easy it is to miss markers when running with other people and when you are talking. After the turn around point and about 3km, the pace picked up drastically thanks to one Mr A Chinnock. I decided to go with him and discarding my 'take it easy' approach to the next week or so. We managed a 4:03 and a 4:14 and then later on closer to the finish with a 4:13. A great run and really fun to run a little faster for a few km's and not anything too crazy.

Fri AM: Rest day.
I wasn't planning on having a rest day today but it kinda just happened. A few jobs around the house and before I knew It I was at work again. Having the day off made me realise that taper for me needs to include something every day as it was driving me crazy not being able to squeeze a run in.

Saturday AM: Railway Heritage Trail & Eagle View at John Forrest National Park
Meeting time for this mornings run was 7.30am. It was an absolute cracker of a morning apart from a fresh easterly early on. Once we hit the Eagle View Trail we were out of the wind and on some really quality trail. The team for today was Me, Adam, James and Adams mate Simon. It was a pretty leisurely pace for the whole run today which was absolutely fine by me. I was just keen to get 20km or so under the belt niggle free and feeling good. There was only one point on the biggest climb of the run where I once again accidentally took off up the hill. I got 3/4 of the way up and remembered I was tapering. It was also hard today to not get carried away in trying to keep up with James who was running really well despite having calf problems lately. Towards the end of the run a bloke came from nowhere and flew past us going fairly quick, Adam was quite impressed I didn't take off after him and I surprised myself through having the control to stay with the guys. That probably sounds ridiculous to most people but for the people who know me well it is easier said than done :)

Sunday AM: Swan River
WOW!! What a beauty of a morning it was to be running. Probably one of the most enjoyable/funny/nice runs I have done in a few months. Enjoyable in the sense that the weather couldn't be better and nice because I had my lovely wife on the bike again joining me for a training run. And funny because of how hard a time I was having trying to run the pace I am going to have to run at for the beginning of my race. I'm looking at approx.. 5:15-5:20 per km for the first 25km or so and today I was finding it ridiculously hard to run slower than 5min per km. I just took it as it came and really enjoyed a great morning.

Hours: 8:26:15
Distance: 96.1km
Total Ascent: 1817m

This week was really fun. It was cool to run with a few mates later in the week and mix things up a little by heading out to Pickering Brook. Sunday's run was great as it was making me try and prepare myself mentally to have to run slower early on in my race in order to run the latter stages well. It was a big decrease in mileage but still good to nearly get 100km in. The body is in absolute top shape at the moment and I am really enjoying myself.

Eagle View Trail @ John Forrest National Park

Eagle View

Heritage Rail Trail

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