Sunday, 19 August 2012

Week Summary: 13 Aug - 19 Aug

Rest & Recovery

Rest & Recovery

Weds - AM: 7km along the Swan River.
First run in 4 days so took it really easy. Approx. 33mins.

Thurs - AM: 42km along the Heritage Rail Trail, Darlington Loop.
Today I headed out with James to do the Heritage Rail Loop from Darlington. It was a pretty fresh start to the day but things soon warmed up. After having to take too many pit stops due to having a couple of coffees, things got better. We were soon ticking off the k's pretty solidly and feeling really good. This was where I ran about 30km last week along here from Mt Helena so it was really cool to head back out that way and see a new part of the trail. It was relatively flat most the way with some gradual uphill and downhill sections in there as well. We got back to the car which completed the 41km loop so we decided to run around the Darlington Oval a few times to get the marathon distance. Stopped the watch at exactly 3hr30min. Beautiful day weather wise too. Summer feels like it is on its way.

Fri - AM: 30km along the Bibbulmun Trail, Kalamunda - Mundaring Weir.
I started this mornings run feeling really good and quite refreshed and pleased after getting through yesterdays run unscathed after a few days off with ankle problems. I decided to take todays slightly more technical and hillier run really easy, especially on the downhill sections as this is where I have more tendency to roll my ankle. Although when I did my time check at the Camel farm (41min39sec) I saw I was actually pretty close to my time from last week when we pushed it quite hard to here. From here I had a really good run through to about 5mins from the Mundaring Weir when my stomach decided it wasn't feeling too happy and I was feeling pretty crook. I think It may have had something to do with taking the Codral cold and flu tablets earlier that morning to deal with feeling a bit sick. After a quick toilet stop I turned around and started making my way back to Kalamunda. I ran really solid all the way to the car, especially the final uphill section coming out of the valley, my favourite part of the run. Total run time was 2hr47min, 13min quicker than last week.

Sat - AM: 48km along the Bibbulmun Trail, Mundaring Weir - Waalegh Campsite
It was a pretty cool start to the day from Mundaring Weir. When I left home at 6:15am I thought it was going to be a pretty mild morning. I found out pretty quickly that it was a tad colder out at the weir, still not too bad though. Today there were a few more hills which was fantastic. I have been really enjoying going up hills even more than usual lately as it allows me to just run up them not worrying about doing any damage to my ankles and legs like when going down steep technical downhill. I can just concentrate on getting up the hills and really enjoying the workout. The temperature soon warmed up which made it an absolute cracker of a day for a run. After reaching the Waalegh Campsite, we came across a hiker who somehow picked up on my accent within a few words. Which got us talking about where we were going and what we were training for. Great chap who was doing the same as us, enjoying another great day in the bush. We then headed off for the car and made pretty good time heading back. Some nice hills in between to keep us honest. We arrived back at the car pretty much bang on 5hrs. Nice to get another decent run under the belt before the next big race. No records were set today pace wise but for now things seem to be going really well and the body is coming along well too. The Mundaring Weir Hotel provided an ice cold coke after the run which was greatly appreciated. An awesome spot to finish the run or for anyone heading out there for a day away from the city.

Sun - AM: 8km along the Swan river.
Easy 8km run along the Swan river before work this morning. Not sure why but my right achilles was feeling rather tight this morning. After speaking with a mate in 2nd year physio he mentioned it can be related to having my ankle strapped and adding to the contraction of the achilles tendon. Nothing too major. Feeling pretty good now as I'm sitting here typing so nothing to worry about I don't think.

Hours: 12hr28min
Distance: approx 135km

The Darlington version of Beverly Hills

Even trail runners/walkers have priorities sorted

Wood carving near South Ledge view platform

This young chap decided to stop and pose for a photo

Ball Creek Hut on the Bibbulmun Track

Stoked to have some sunshine after a few weeks running in the rain

You can vaguely see Mundaring Weir  behind me, thats where we started todays run

On the return to Mundaring Weir

Overall it has felt like a pretty strange week training wise. After having basically 5 days off I felt like I had to catch up on training. I managed to hold myself back from hitting the technical hills and trails too soon and eased into things on the Heritage Trail which was a really smart idea. I think the more the training goes along I am learning more and more about how to maintain this body of mine and how to get the best out of it. I have really started listening to my aches and niggles and changing training and training intensities accordingly. By no means do I have my training down to a fine working piece but I feel like things are progressing.

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