Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week Summary: Aug 6 - Aug 12

Mon - AM: 2hr24min @ Lesmurdie Falls, Mundy Regional Park.
Today I took out James for his first Lesmurdie experience so I thought we might aswell try and run every hill I could find. We first ran around 45mins North of the falls gaining some pretty good elevation and getting a good burn in the calves happening. We then did the 'usual' loop to the top parking area, followed by some sweet single track coming back down heading towards a hill I think got called child birth? We then made our way down the side of the Falls where we came across some Landscape workers doing work on the trail alongside the falls. There were 2 sets of blokes, one with a rope around his stomach which was then attached to the front of the wheel barrow behind them which their mate was pushing up behind them. This was what I call extreme landscaping. Poor buggers, James was a top bloke and gave them a good push to the top which I know they appreciated. I was too excited about the downhill ahead and didn't even think to give a time for sure! After this we ran up and down some more hills before heading back to the car.

Tues - AM: 1hr4min around the Swan River, Perth.
Today was going to be a catch up on sleep and rest day after a long weekend of work and feeling pretty shattered. This was going along nicely until after a short nap I got itchy feet and decided to head out for a quick 16km blowout in my first non-trail run in about 4 weeks. It was quite nice for a change of scenery and great to see so many people out there exercising and enjoying Perth's winter.

Weds - AM: 2hr58min along the Rail Heritage Trail, Mt Helena.
I had to head out to Mt Helena early this morning to go and pick up a set of drawers Liz had bought and on my way out there I saw some Kep Track markers as I was driving along so after picking up the drawers I decided to head out for a run along the Kep Track which was where the 75km race I did was held. I had cleverly forgotten my sleeves, beanie and gloves this morning which was not ideal. I mean it wasn't NZ cold but for Perth it was pretty fresh. Especially for the first hour when the trail was going through areas where there were high walls on either side of the track so there wasn't much sunlight around. About 5km in I came across a couple who had this massive bird on the guys shoulder taking it for a morning stroll, pretty random and funny to see so early in the morning on the trail. I ran to the Boya Quarry, up to the top for a photo and then headed back to the car at Mt Helena. All up I think it was around 35km.

Thurs - AM: 16.75km @ 4mi50sec p/km, Lake Monger - Lake Herdsman.
It was an early start this morning to run with a mate before he started work. It was a pretty mild morning which explained the large numbers of people out running and riding around Lake Monger. We had a good run, which included finally running up the big sand dune at Lake Herdsman that we always say we should run up. It was an awesome view from up the top!

Thurs - PM: 3hrs along the Bibbulmun Trail, Kalamunda - Mundaring Weir return.
After running with Shaun early I caught up with James in Kalamunda to head out for a run along the Bib. We took off pretty quickly as I wanted to see what time we would get to the Calamunda Camel Farm in (41mins). After we got there we eased off the pace a little but not a lot through to Mundaring Weir. This was pretty cool as I hadn't been much further than the Dell turnoff before so was nice to explore some new trails. After a quick stop for a photo we were back on the trail heading back to Kalamunda. We ran pretty solid back to the bottom of the valley before the climb back up to Kalamunda. Once here we took to the hill pretty quickly hammering it to the top. It was on one of the small downhill sections I think I rolled my ankle slightly, although this didn't affect things much nor break my stride. It is pleasing that the final hill back up to Kalamunda is getting faster for me and feeling much stronger.

Fri - AM: 8km Along the Swan River.
Easy jog along the Swan to shake the legs out.

Fri - AM: 2hr16min along the Munda Biddi Trail, Brookton Hwy - Jarrahdale Road
Me and Adam decided to head further south today to have a look at a new section on the Munda Biddi. After meeting at work at 8.15am we headed down to drop a car at the finish at Jarrahdale Road and then drove to the start at Brookton Hwy. We decided to go back along the 4wd track so we didn't have to run along the Hwy to start with. The run went pretty well other than my ankle being a bit tender. I also forgot to take any GU today so I had to make do with a Muesli bar that was in my car, I'm not too sure how long that was in there for? It did the trick and I felt pretty good energy wise. All was going well until we got to near the Wungong Hut where we eventually found there was no marker to continue you along the trail to Jarrahdale road. The only markers we could see headed you towards the Hut. We continued along this trail until we passed the Hut and realised there we hadn't seen a track marker in a while. On our way back after some bonus km's we came across a school group where the teacher advised us we needed to go right at the point we thought we were supposed to go down. We headed down here and 20mins later were at the car. Nice to see some new trails.

Hours: 13hrs 2mins
Distance: approx.. 151.75km

Lesmurdie Falls

A creek along the Railway Heritage Trail

Cool toilets at the Boya Quarry

Boya Quarry

From the top of the Quarry

Lake Monger looking towards the City

Me and Special K on top of the sand dune finally!!

Mundaring Weir

Adam on the Munda Biddi

Munda Biddi
Overall it was another solid week of training and I feel like the legs are getting stronger, especially on the longer runs. I feel like I have my old hill running legs back which is a great feeling too :)

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